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I'm taking train and airplane pictures mainly in Switzerland, Finland and Central Europe. My favored rail engines are modern electric locomotive power for freight trains from Bombardier (TRAXX), Siemens (ES64) and Alstom (Prima). For more information about those electric BoBo-units see www.railcolor.net, where I contribute too. But I'm also interested in any equipment of modern or scenic railroads.

Bringing back the good old times of photographs I created the "Nostalgic Times" album with framed sepia photos out of existing pictures.

Since I'm retired end of 2012 I'm living at Vättis, a mountain village at eastern part of Switzerland. With Zurich main station 2 hours away, which has 2900 train movments a day (!), many different lines offers photo positions. I'm also quite close to visit Germany, Austria, Italy and France as well the alp transit lines of Gotthard, Loetschberg (both in Switzerland), Arlberg, Brenner (both in Austria) and the Ligne de la Maurienne (France). If you need any help with locations just visit my website                            http://www.trippi-services.ch/english/

Hope you enjoy my railway-pictures and the scenic rr-images of Switzerland, Finland and other European countries.. Newest photos are always placed first in album.

Thank you for looking in !   Peider


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